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Project Proposal: “Voices from Africa: Hand designed T-shirt Art” 

 “I have come to believe that the ancient technique of storytelling is one of the most effective ways of nourishing our hearts and reaching us in times of crisis. Though now days it is nowhere t be heard other than the visual aspect of the Unsounding voices.

People in Africa think that their voices are not heard even when it means a lot so in most times you will find them complaining about both the wright and wrong, they will smile even when they are crying. Now days ARTS have taken greater impact to interpret the voices of the African people.

Kabati Ayub know as Destreet

  I am a Creative visual artist, a child peace and justice activist, and an art curator and community-based artist based in Kampala, Uganda. For the past five years I’ve been running my own foundation http://destreetart.webs.com/ , Destreet Art, which works to give slum children and youth opportunities to learn and grow by expressing themselves through art.

I became involved in community work at the time art changed my life from being a school drop out to a self-employed artist at a no cost and since then I have acquired great research on the education about art and communication at a university level leading me to professional experience.

Over the last 5 years I have used T-shirt art and other multimedia art projects to encourage and empower transformation and growth. I invite you to bring me to your community and classroom and I will change both your community and students’ lives! 


I will be accompanied by my new traveling art exhibit, “Voices from Africa: Hand designed T-shirt Art” This is a portable  both painted and screen printed t-shirt art Exhibition and performance art project workshops that weaves the elements of visual art production, storytelling, and group ritual to embody the visual self-expression  movement. 

Description of Exhibition

 The exhibition examines both political and social character in several African communities and how best I illustratively painted each reaction on a plain t-shirt other than canvas this time.

The show “Voices from Africa: Hand designed T-shirt Art.” Comprises 10 different mastered art compositions designed by the use of hands on 70 different colored t-shirts for both men and women each handling a different visual meaning from my home Africa.Destreet Europe travel 2014 final

The exhibition will also include a 3 hours’ workshop where the attendants shall be guided on how to produce their own custom t-shirt as a way of communicating to their community or their political leaders in a humble way other than using violent means.

                The workshop is divided in two parts; choose the best for you community.

 1.  Expressive Arts and Spirituality A program on the use of Storytelling and Visual Arts for empowerment and healing.

                                                                                                                                          It includes storytelling and Expressive Arts in a workshop format in which I demonstrate various healing techniques. For the same consideration we shall go through a practical session on how everyone finds the combination of Art and ritual as vital for community voice hearing.  It is supported by a discussion of holistic and integrative medicine and the work of contemporary organizations using Expressive Arts on t-shirts to heal our societies. 


3.  Eco-Art: The Use of Symbolism.

This interdisciplinary Study program discusses images related to ritual from the point of view o theater Art and Visual Arts. It includes a slide lecture on the meaning and impact of f contemporary African Art to cities.P1050179

The symbolism eco art is my new practice focusing on the cleanness and sanitation in the city, in this method we shall walk the city and small parks even dumping sites to collect used plastic bottles in large quantity and we shall move them to our studio where we shall shape them in various shapes which by the use of foldable metal bars can be mounted into different objects and the final product can be in a form of an installation performance art in a human form and can be used as a trash bin. This kind of art is important for kids play area and offices as it are in form of a decoration but an important on. The workshop of producing such an art piece takes two complete days.


I am calling for sponship in the areas of hosting free venues for exhibitions/workshops, materials, transportation or a commission to my charitable works which is here to change  everyone’s community ,if not then a contribution is requested from the people attending in order to cater for the materials used in production.

This is an annual fundraising Art tour for the Ugandan disadvantaged children in Destreet art foundation mobile program www.destreetart.webs.com .

 The Annual traveling exhibition for 2014 will start in Uganda by the End of Apirl  by Apirl 30th  I shall be in Exhibiting in Europe.

The T-shirts exhibited shall be all on sale in support of Destreet Art foundation, www.destreetart.webs.com   and this is an annual fundraising Art tour please, so invite me and make a change to your community and my African community.

Please send the invitation by mail  destreet.kla@gmail.com  or call +256 779 339911 for more information.



   © Copyright 2014  Destreet Art Studio



Posted January 27, 2014 by Destreet

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