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 Hello everyone out there, am very happy to inform you that am still strong to run my mission and i appreciate the support  people have shown to my cause ….Hello , sir or madam……. last year wasn’t easy to make it through  there the first time the strongest always smile . the smiles that the children show to me every Weekend when they make their presentation and share their weekly turning points Made me to me this ANNUAL mission and the who world has to know about this this summer.

I do need you, Don’t say you don’t know me ? we have the same blood and you can not just donate but you can order an Art piece.

You can share this daily and then you have nade a change directly.


The Flyer you should share


Am Destreet a ugandan creative artist, am writting to inform you about my 2013 European charity art tour where by am looking for galleries, community centres/ halls  and schools, to offer an exhibition space and i will do a workshop as well where i shall screen my life documentary/ movie of being an artist in Uganda for the last 5 years of struggle,

Artists and gallery manager who believe in exhibitin my work and  take a commission are also very welcome, otherwise this is a charity art tour  and i don’t have  enough funds to rent an exhibition space.
So am very sure i will be in your city , so please read the attachments and see how soon and long i will be there.

Am still happy to inform you that i was offered exhibition space for exhibition in Europe every as away to rise money for my out reach programs .

Am calling for everyone’s support in promoting my cause in request for people to buy our ART work  as we are now rising money for the AIR-TICKET.                  

Through this whole mission i have met  people who have encouraged me and there is no reason to stop.

Europe 2013 plan

Europe 2013 plan

Also on the same dates some where to make an art workshop and show my first movie 9documentary) about my life as a creative artist whose has made it possible in Africa and now working work children and orphans through my free creative Arts program, http://www.destreetart.webs.com/ 

The exhibition can be of a 3 days maximum and one day minimum time, the workshop can also be of one day, so please fix me in where necessary to support my new mission,

I really need your help and i think it will be of a great opportunity to host my exhibition and workshop for just 3 days or less,
i did a similar trip last year and this is a video you can see how i would request something to be done for me please,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2j2p9LNcOc

Recommend  me to some places and let everyone know about this trip. for the workshops i did the same last year and here is a link to the video from last year..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2j2p9LNcOc
50x6ocm, and 45 sizesx55cm

acrylics on canvas paintings

Am looking for help so please email me destreet.kla@gmail.com, or my number is +256 779 339911,
Am called kabati Ayub, artistically called DESTREET, a Ugandan creative artist.
i can call as well if i get you phone number.
waiting to hear from you 

Attachments describe both me and the work i do. so please consider them,
Thank you.
DESTREET EURO – ART Exhibition/ tour 2012

Am gald to Be joined by different musical groups, and the one and only King Fiazel , a mutual friend whom i first told a bout my who idea even before it started and he right a way shared with several people even before i confirmed  if this was possible in 2011 , this made me strong and we Make you smile when you host the two of us and of course it is abig cultural difference and we are ready to share our cultural experience with the European community,

web page about the project.


Here is my biography https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6gg_0Dh99CjVktaYzFmNUNjaTA/edit


Posted December 1, 2012 by Destreet

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