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The charity focuses on education and development programs for youth in impoverished countries.IMAG0223[1]

I’m so inspired by all of you. With car washes, birthday money and bake sales you’re helping children around the world. And I’m proud of you,”

The money you give goes directly to our European Exhibition tour where we hope to rise and attract more parterning organisations which will help support and get involved in the projects of DESTREET ART FOUNDATION particulary the children and allows them to continue their inspirational work, changing lives for the better through the Arts.

Your financial support makes everything possible. Unlike some larger organizations Taste of Hope is a grassroots movement that you can become personally involved with through what we do and who we serve.  The funds that you give go directly to the project of your choosing.

Our goal is to send 60% of all donations to European exhibition trip and 40% goes to supplies which the children will use to make the art works to be on the exhibition.

Make hope in life for them now !. use the pay pal Donate , My paypal email is destreet.kla@hotmail.comworkshop

Account to transfer money to:




Posted December 20, 2011 by Destreet

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CHILDREN SEND Destreet Art Exhibit in Europe

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