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My name is Kabati Ayub, however I’m mostly known as Destreet, a curator and community-based artist in Kampala, Uganda. My art is inspired by daily life in my culture such as the beautiful nature or historical background of Uganda. I create pieces demonstrating stories which are easy to interpret. My artistic perspective has led me work with different art forms, such as printmaking, screen design, graphics, photography, and video work. I also enjoy sculpture, painting and most recently installation. For the past seven years I’ve been running my own foundation, Destreet Art, (http://destreetart.webs.com/) which gives slum children and youth opportunities to learn and grow by expressing themselves through art.

The goals of my foundation are:

  • To enable children and youth to engage in productive artistic activities (for example using permanent or recyclable materials to produce art).
  • To provide children and youth the opportunity to express themselves.
  • To involve children and youth to participate in creating public educative artistic pieces, such as murals
to sensitize youth on the importance of education and support them in building their self-esteem through connecting uneducated youth to the international graduated community who visit the project and volunteer with slum children and youth.
  • To help children and youth to realize their rights to communicate and develop artistically.I had exhibitions in galleries and conducted workshops, at the exhibition site with all age groups but also at schools with a particular focus on youth. This was such a success that I want to come back for a 2015 tour and inspire more people. Therefore I am calling for sponsorship in the areas of hosting free venues for exhibitions/workshops, materials, transportation or a commission to my charitable works which is here to change everyone’s community, if not then a contribution is requested from the people attending in order to cater for the materials used in production. The 2015 Tour starts 3 April and ends 30th June. Workshop 2015 Theme  The theme for this year being Art and Our City is one that strongly reflects my life and those of many young urban Ugandans. I, like many children in Uganda, faced personal challenges and abuse in my childhood, however it was art that allowed me a form of escape both emotionally but later as a means of providing financial freedom.


    I would like to run a workshop similar to those I run with the slum children and youth in Kampala. We would focus on how art gives us the opportunity to communicate our opinions and beliefs to the wider community, but also how it allows for self-expression, building our own self-esteem, confidence and leadership. It is this freedom to communicate, partnered with building these essential life skills that will allow today’s youth to create a sustainable future society for everyone. In addition, I have assisted youth in my community to use art as a productive activity, by creating pieces that can be sold or used (such as clothing). The role of art in self-empowerment is then even more deepened, particularly to youth from low-income neighbourhoods.



    Workshop style

    We will begin by a review of my artwork and how it has connected youth to opportunities of expressing themselves artistically and of communicating a social commentary. I will explain the social context and the challenges faced by Ugandan youth and the broader Ugandan community, as well as the need for artistic and social empowerment. I will show some of my previous designs such as ‘Stop Abuse’, ‘Abatuuze’ (the People), and ‘Take the Message in our Music.’ I will also show some videos of my projects and the slums of Kampala so that there is a deeper understanding of the situation in my community.


    This will lead to a discussion on how art can express urban issues and how it can be a tool for communication with a wider community. We will also discuss how art motivates the abused and poor to speak up, and how it provides a solution to address life’s challenges.


  • The participants will create a print screen design and paint it on plain T-shirts, bags or other textiles. The image is then permanently painted on the item which can be worn, used and washed.Following the final design painting, participants will be asked to present their design to the rest of the group explaining the purpose; the issue or solution they wish to communicate. We will then discuss how their art is a step forward in the process of understanding urban development issues and creating solutions in their own and global communities.Equipment needed:IMG_0756
    • Drawing materials (pencils, brushes, knife cutters, papers, card boards)
    • Plain T-shirts
    • Textile Paint (all colours, paper and wood paint, wall oil paint)
    • Printing and drawing tables or art room table.
    • Printing sponge
    • Projector to show film and photos

    Links and more information

    For more information please visit the Destreet Art Foundation website http://destreetart.webs.com/

    , for more information on the 2012, 2013 and 2014 tours: https://supportchildrenart.wordpress.com/

    and https://www.facebook.com/ART.Exhibition.Europe.march.2012 or contact me directly on +256779339911                             or                                    email:destreet.kla@gmail.com                                                                                 www.nationalstreetgallery.com


Posted October 24, 2014 by Destreet

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